Deep Freeze is coming

The deep freeze is coming! There are a few things to check before it hits

Here are a few things you should check

  • Ensure your heating system is functioning normally.
  • If you’re going to use the chimney have it inspected. (If it has been a while then contact a WETT certified specialist)
  • Check the air ducts are clear and clean. Covered or dirty ducts can cost you monthly.
  • Check the fresh air intake on the exterior and the vents for the dryer and kitchen to be sure they are clear
  • Ensure you have fire extinguishers and check that your smoke detectors are functioning.
  • Watch for condensation at the base of your windows. If ice is forming your whole home humidifier may be set too high.
  • Be sure to clear snow on walk ways and de-ice as needed.

Here are a few things I can check as your home inspector

  • Adequate insulation in the attic to ensure a dry attic.
  • Check furnace for leaks and function..
  • Check caulking on windows to ensure proper seal.
  • Check weather stripping and latch on doors to ensure seal
  • Check all walls and ceilings with thermal camera to identify potential areas of concern (It’s actually a perfect time to have a thermal scan as the colder temperatures will make it easier to find issues)

If you are uncertain or have any questions please feel free to give me a call anytime 780.293.8454. I will gladly do a home maintenance inspection to help you save money on heating and even cooling in the summer.